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Browse through some of my past web design and development work below. There are others that I have designed and developed, but they are not listed.



UPDATE: This website is being converted to responsive Core MVC, MVC 5, and Web Forms. Take a look at the following links but note that the conversion is not yet complete. in Core 2.2 MVC in MVC in Web Forms

Blue Chopsticks, a gift e-tailer, was developed using ASP classic and WebForms with Microsoft SQL Server. It was designed with Photoshop and Fireworks. It has been in production over 10 years and has ranked at the top of search engines in the past. There was never any downtime while it was in production except in the first year when an component installed caused the web server to crash after a Microsoft patch was installed. After the component was uninstalled, it was smooth sailing over a decade, especially during the busy holiday season in the last quarter of each year.


Blue Chopsticks had some interesting features. For instance, you could contact customer service through the custom developed online instant messenger installed on the web site. The instant messenger used Macromedia Flash for its implementation and alerted you to a new message with a sound it played. It also had a customer service portal the customer could log into and manage their order.


Other abilities, as a web site, included reporting what key word and which search engine the new order's customer came from within the last 45 days. This last feature being very important for SEO efforts. It also had extensive use of Windows Script Host to automatically process orders in areas where no other technology was available. With as much automation it had, one customer service representative was all it needed to process as much as 200 orders per day and still tend to other duties like answering telephones. Other features included its own implementation of an affiliate program, a vendor management portal, and much more.



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Leather Tree was in production for 13 years and ranked at the top of search engines too. It was developed with ASP and SQL Server and designed with Fireworks and Photoshop.


Like, it had unique capabilities like reporting which search engine and the keyword typed there for each order. It relied on SEO for much of its business, its custom administration back end provided all the features needed to run it. Like all other web sites I've developed, all errors generated in any part of the web site are logged into the database and emailed to me for review.


Unlike BlueChopsticks, which used for credit card processing, LeatherTree used Payflow Pro.



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EmusicalGifts, a musical box e-tailer, was online for about a decade before it was sold to another owner. It was developed using ASP and SQL Server and designed in Fireworks and Photoshop. It ranked at the top of the search engines for its keywords for 10 years, which it depended on.


Unlike BlueChopsticks and LeatherTree, it made use of Javascript menues for Javascript enabled browsers. Like BlueChopsticks and LeatherTree, it had a full administration back end to process orders with the specialized features requested for its unique business operation. It generated FedEx labels straight from the administration area and reported the source of its orders for SEO purposes.



Linay, a lingerie internet retailer, was developed in ASP and SQL Server and designed with Fireworks, and Photoshop. It was in business a long time and ranked at the top of search engines for the majority of the time.

Much of the programmed code was based on BlueChopsticks, but it had unique features of its own. One of these features was that it generated semi-static files to eliminate URLs with querystrings - one of the advantages of MVC.



Guvy was a jewelry internet retailer. The web site was developed in ASP and SQL Server and designed with Fireworks. It had similar features to the internet retailers above.


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DigitalCCTV was a surveillance camera system integrator based in Boulder, CO. The website was designed in Fireworks and put together with Dreamweaver.

I also developed a surveillance camera desktop application to connect to cameras over the internet for them. That was developed in Visual Basic.


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CheapoDiscs was one of the first e-commerce stores I built circa year 2000. It was built on ASP and ran on a MS Access database.


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Tunka was a local paintball club based in Bouder, CO built on ASP and SQL Server. It was designed in Fireworks and Photoshop.

Members could register and sign up to the mailing list for game announcements by email and SMS.The could also register new game days and participate in the forum.


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WernerPrinting was designed in Fireworks and had an ASP contact form. They are based out of Chicago, IL.


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Astro Hotel is a boutique hotel based in Singapore. The website was designed in Fireworks and Photoshop and had some features developed in ASP.


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EtchedWeb, LLC is a web design and development company I started in 1999. We designed and developed websites for clients. The technology used has been mostly ASP, ASP.NET WebForms, and SQL Server.


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ITVisionTech was a division of DigitalCCTV. The website was designed with Fireworks.
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